EV Battery Swap

10X more affordable


Eco Friendly infrastructure

Our stations are designed to be easily implemented (plug & play) in the existing energy infrastructure, acting as a distributed Energy Storage solution to stabilize the grid.


The Most Advanced Technology

We are bringing our experience from high-performance racing, and aerospace, to fix the expensive, and inefficient, locking/unlock/alignment system in EV Battery Swap.

EV fleets battery cells can be easily upgraded if needed.


High Quality Engineering

Designed & Engineered in Europe, by a team with years of experience working with the leading Auto OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers.

HyperSwap: the most affordable and advanced solution for EV fleets battery swap

The battery pack is the heart and soul of any electric vehicle. It is not only accumulating energy for your electric vehicle but also paving the path for a decarbonized, sustainable future.

The efficient management of the battery pack becomes extremely crucial to get fleets moving billions of people and goods.

With decades of experience, our team has mastered the art of developing robust and affordable technologies at leading and new E-OEMs.

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Ultra fast

Just 3 minutes to get a full charged battery pack in your EV

Ultra affordable

10X less cost of infrastructure compared to our competitors


Ideal for high-mileage fleets in MaaS & Logistics

Multi standards

Our Battery Swap station supports different EV battery packs

TCO optimized

lowering the Total Cost of Ownership by extending the lifespan of the battery pack up to 3X longer


open to all EV manufacturers, with a minimum intervention on the EV chassis, without disrupting assembly and manufacturing lines

Silicon Valley meets the Motor Valley

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Fleet operators in Last mile delivery, E-commerce, Parcels, Food delivery. etc… can finally operate 24/7 no stop, without worrying about the battery degradation.

EV makers

E-OEMs can focus on making EV, while we do the infrastructure, without caring about different battery pack sizes


Energy companies can invest in new assets, such as Battery Swap Stations and Swappable Battery Packs, providing them as a Service to B2B fleet operators. Leveraging also those packs as Energy Storage solution

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Based in Europe, and Asia